Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life, as Roy Knows It

I have spent the last 12 years or so rejecting both reading and writing. I've always seemed to avoid the easy route. Or maybe it avoids me. Yeah, it would have been nice to enjoy literacy when I was forced, but for some reason, I just chose not to... Or school made me hate it. That's still in deliberation. It wasn't until recently that I looked back and realized I actually like writing and reading. I am a man of many words. I can't seem to tell even a simple story in less than 500 words and I'm pretty certain people prefer to read them rather than just sit there and listen to me talk. So as of late, I have decided to start writing more. Writing about anything, so long as it doesn't bore me (and in turn, doesn't bore you).

I began to write and publish notes on Facebook, because, well, that was the only audience I could find. I figured if I have people that actually want to read what I write, maybe I will be more determined or feel more compelled to write. It's been four months or so, and I would say (aside from lack of subjects) "so far, so good!" So now, I have decided I am going to start a blog. Where will it go? Probably nowhere, as most of my ventures, interest and thoughts vanish to. What do I want to accomplish? Well... I figured that's a good thing to set up. Goals! And here they are:

I want comments. Positive and negative.
I want questions.
I want topic suggestions.
I want to write at least one thing a month but will shoot for two.
I want to get better at something I enjoy doing.
I want suggestions.
I want to have fun.
I want readers. Tell your friends and let me know what they think.

I think that's it. Only a few of which I have full control over, so help me.

I am going to post my old Facebook notes, and that is where I will begin. So, here goes nothing.


  1. I always told you that you were an excellent writer! What you write is interesting, and you do it with style. One thing I'd like to see a little of as well (if you get enough interested readers) are occasional sports commentaries, as well as travel blogs covering the highlights of your explorations. I think those would be cool.

  2. And that is why I love you Jerry. Sports! Yes! I need a topic which pisses me off enough to write about. I feel like anger is my best passion to pour out onto a sport. And what explorations? I sit on my ass all day. I left the house for the first time today at 8pm to go get some Taco Bell. Drive-thru.